Natural Leaders LLC

Daniel H. Fitch

Mr. Daniel H. Fitch is the Founder of NATURAL LEADERS CONSULTING. Daniel is a businessman and filmmaker originally from Roselle, New Jersey. He has been residing comfortably in Atlanta, GA since 1996 and is a proud husband and the father of 1 year old princess, Zoie.

Mr. Fitch was introduced to real estate acquisitions/mortgage finance in 1997. Through research he located an investment property with great ROI and tried to purchase, to no avail. During the 5th attempt to gain approval amid the application process the mortgage broker noticed Daniel’s understanding of the operation of gathering conditions to obtain approval and offered him a job to become a loan officer. Since 1999 to present, as a residential Real Estate investor Mr. Fitch has been involved in over 50 buy, sell, hold properties. He has also closed/funded over $19.8M in purchase money & refinance transactions as a mortgage loan consultant. The success in the real estate industry led to many entrepreneurial ventures.

Some ventures include:

  • Who’s Next Barber & Beauty Salon (Partner)
  • Drive Now Autos (Co-Founder)
  • Harold’s Mobile Detailing (Owner Operator)
  • Natural Leaders Distribution (Founder)
  • Fitch Family First (Managing Member)

Natural Leaders Consulting was founded in 2011. Our firm services businesses big and small.

Our NLC model is called 5 precise:

1. Listen- Introduction meeting, get to know the business owner and get to know the businesses health
2. Pinpoint- Locate, acknowledge and record key issues in business infrastructure, discuss ailments of business
3. Strategize- Connect client with appropriate team member, formulate plans
4. Solving- Team member uses resources, research, partners to present various solutions for key issues and ailments
5. Take Action- Team presents results to client, implements plans